I viewed the scoter rafts from Rhossili on 7Feb17 – think there were 20-30 scoters in the two rafts I saw but at the limit of my camera’s zoom. (Corrected see comments) Initially thought these were mostly velvet scoters, with a female smew with this group, and also a scaup seen there too. Now likely to be mostly common scoters – maybe one velvet scoter with a white flash. Plus seven sightings of chough (at least three individuals) and the great northern diver(s) at Port Eynon.

Smew with Velvet Scoters 7Feb17

Scoters 7Feb17

6 thoughts on “Rhossili

  1. Defo not a fem Smew, but a fem Scoter with v pale cheek. I think Smew on the sea would be pretty unusual, plus they are v scarce birds in Glam. In a flock of Scoter in our part of the UK, they are going to be mostly Common, although we do get the odd 1’s and 2’s. Can’t zoom the pic in without copying it and then it’s just 300×150- pixels so diff to see detail.

  2. All Common Scoters for me Timothy. Velvets would have white patch on head and some white patch of edging to wing feathers not a big white ventral area, besides they are very scarce in Gower waters, but you never know. The Collins guide does a good job of describing all the different ages. The photo is good, how you kept still to focus in this cold weather beats me! however not quite the quality to be absolutely sure, but I have a funny feeling the white vented one could even be a Brent Goose, which do appear in good numbers on the sea around North Gower in particular (I see them regularly round the corner at Broughton) though I can’t recall the last time I saw a Brent Goose in with a load of Common Scoters! Hope this helps, good birding and be lucky!

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