Lock’s Common Porthcawl this morning



A Little Tern flew south / up-channel at the north end of Lock’s Common at 0815. A lovely fresh morning with very light southerlies, the only other birds of note were 15 immature Gannet also u/c. No waders, so maybe a clear out overnight. A male Wheatear was present and fledged Starlings were present in places.

4 thoughts on “Lock’s Common Porthcawl this morning

  1. Could you help me out please I am a bit new to this. At the far North West end of Rest Bay this afternoon there were 6 birds that looked like Curlew but with straight beaks and did not make the same noise. When they flew they had a very noticeable white back. I wondered if they could be Godwits, but the plumage was very brown/grey which from what I could make out is Winter plumage. The RSPB pages suggest that they would be unusual in South Wales at this time of year. Have I got this wrong please ?

    Entirely separately I think I saw a load of linnets separately between Porthcawl and Morfa beach, which I cannot remember seeing before. Were they always there and I just missed them? Finally there were. Lots of Male stonechats acting very tame and looking absolutely beautiful.

  2. Hi Chris, sorry for the short reply, I was away birding in Spain and did not fully reply to you. Keep trying at the site as Whimbrel can hang around towards the end of May between Pink Bay and Sker! As regards Linnets, you probably did not notice them as after breeding they move away from the coast to winter. I did not see them this year until the beginning of April, when they are most welcome as they brighten any day up at Lock’s Common. Kind Regards, Mike.

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