Cosmeston Night Heron

The Night Heron suddenly re-appeared in flight at around 7:30 p.m. and eventually landed in the large tree opposite the main bridge. It then took off, flew high down E lake and landed in a tree on the far shore of E lake [from the cafe]. Difficult to see there [into the sun] but viewed thro’ a scope from the square platform halfway along the main boardwalk. Hopefully it will stay until tomorrow. Got some stonking pix which I will post in due course. Well done Annie for recognising it as something different.

One thought on “Cosmeston Night Heron

  1. The Night Heron was perched quite serenely on one of the posts where cormorants are frequently seen in bright sunshine at 7.45am today. My wife and I, walking dogs, had a truly wonderful long look at the bird and, I confess I couldn’the identify it (Purple Heron?) until we arrived back home and I checked the GBS website.
    We sat for some time watching it soaking up the sun when it flew up as cool as you like into the adjacent shrubbery. I hope many other birders manage to see it.
    As it happens, there was a grey heron just a few yards away at the edge of the reeds and the difference in their plumage and size was very obvious. Wow!

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