Canton and Grangetown

Reed Warbler singing in scrub, Canton, 200 metres away from river. Sanatorium Park, one Whitethroat singing. Leckwith Hill/Ely Trail, Grey Wagtails holding territory. Grangemoor Park, two Whitethoats singing; one Cetti’s singing. Watkiss Way/Ely River, one Cetti’s singing

Canton Common Ditch

The ditches alongside Leckwith Road have been “home” to Moorhens for several years! They have even bred there too. In addition it is a site where Reed Warblers briefly stop off on Spring passage. This falls inside my BBS site. During winter two or three Moorhens often venture onto the grass verges of Leckwith Rd as well! Glad to note that you’ve seen them there today!