Kenfig NNR

In fairly atrocious weather, 15 folk joined in the Christmas celebrations  on our monthly public birdwalk this morning.  We were pleased to log 33 species, the highlights being 2 Great White Egrets in the North shore reedbeds,  plus a Sparrowhawk hiding amongst the branches next to the hide.

Great White Egret, Black-headed Gull , Blue Tit , Canada Goose, Chaffinch ,Coot ,
Dunnock , Great Crested Grebe , Redwing, Greenfinch , Herring Gull , Magpie ,
Lesser Black-backed Gull , Mute Swan ,  Raven , Sparrowhawk , Tufted Duck ,
Woodpigeon , Blackbird , Bullfinch , Carrion Crow , Collared Dove , Cormorant,
Gadwall , Great Tit , Grey Heron , Jackdaw, Long-tailed Tit , Mallard , Pochard,
Song Thrush , Teal , Wigeon .

Everyone enjoyed the ‘beautiful’ decorations, hot mulled juice, mince pies and snacks.

With thanks to Strinda for leading the walk.

Talygarn Lake

Late WeBs on 11th December

Blackbird , Carrion Crow , Coal Tit , Great Tit , Long-tailed Tit , Mallard 17
Mute Swan 5, (another cygnet lost, down to 3) Robin , Treecreeper , Wren
Blue Tit , Chaffinch , Coot 15, Little Grebe 8,, Magpie , Moorhen 8, Nuthatch,
Woodpigeon, Teal 8.

Kenfig NNR

There were 16 folk on our monthly walk this morning, welcome to some new people.

A cold , damp start  turned into a much brighter day, and we were lucky enough to find 54 species, the highlights being a Woodcock and 5 Snipe over, a Kingfisher, Dunlin and Redshank on the east pool shore, 6 species of Gull,  good views of a Water Rail in front of the hide, and a fly- by of a Little Egret with a very probable Great White Egret.                     Many thanks to Strinda for leading the walk.

Please note that our next monthly walk on 15th December, will include our Christmas celebration, ‘Pies in the hide’, all welcome.

Full list-

Black-headed Gull , Blue Tit , Buzzard , Carrion Crow , Chiffchaff , Common Gull
Cormorant , Dunnock , Gadwall , Great Black-backed Gull , Great Tit , Grey Heron  Herring Gull , Jackdaw , Kingfisher , Lesser Black-backed Gull , Long-tailed Tit , Mallard
Mediterranean Gull , Mute Swan , Pochard , Robin , Skylark , Starling , Tufted Duck
Wigeon , Woodpigeon , Blackbird , Bullfinch , Canada Goose , Chaffinch , Collared Dove , Coot , Dunlin , Feral Pigeon , Goldfinch , Great Spotted Woodpecker , Greenfinch ,  Greylag Goose , House Sparrow , Kestrel , Lapwing , Little Egret , Magpie , Meadow Pipit
Moorhen , Pied Wagtail , Redshank , Shoveler , Snipe, Teal , Water Rail , Woodcock, Wren


Talygarn Lake

Friday 16th November.  Late WeBS count today.

16 species this afternoon, very quiet in the woodland. Lovely Autumn colours,

Blackbird, Carrion Crow , Wren , Jackdaw , Robin , Woodpigeon
Blue Tit , Chaffinch , Great Tit ,
Mallard 33, Mute Swan 6, Teal 20 , Little Grebe 6
Coot 20,  Moorhen 11, Wigeon 2

Forest Farm NR- Glamorgan Canal

On Monday 5th November, a quick walk around , the highlights being 2 Kingfishers,        Snipe-2 ,  a Dipper and a Grey wagtail in the Taff by the footbridge to the station.

Plus-     Buzzard , Chaffinch , Dunnock , Great Tit, Jackdaw , Magpie , Moorhen Woodpigeon , Blue Tit,  Carrion Crow , Great Spotted Woodpecker , Grey Heron
Jay, Long-tailed Tit,  Mallard , Robin , Starling , Wren

Park Slip

On Sunday 4th November-

Blackbird , Buzzard , Chaffinch , Coot ,Goldfinch 20+flock , Jackdaw , Little Grebe ,
Moorhen , Starling,  2 Wigeon, Wren,  Blue Tit,  Carrion Crow,  Coal Tit, Dunnock ,
Great Tit , Jay, Long-tailed Tit , Mallard , Robin , Teal 18+, Woodpigeon,  Magpie

Kenfig NNR

Twenty- six folk came to Kenfig for the public bird walk on a lovely Autumn morning, it was interesting and productive to walk right around the pool. 53 species were seen,- lots of experts and young eyes today. Good to see new faces and old friends. Many thanks to Strinda for leading the walk.

The highlights were Pochard, Reed Bunting, Tufted Duck, Great Crested Grebe,Little Grebe, Snipe, Lapwing, Goldcrest, Redwing, Chiff Chaff, plus Peregrine and Firecrest which were each seen by only one person, so not counted.

Full list-

Black-headed Gull , Blackcap , Bullfinch , Carrion Crow , Chaffinch , Coot, Dunnock
Coal Tit, Gadwall , Goldfinch , Great Spotted Woodpecker , Grey Heron ,House Sparrow
Kestrel , Little Grebe , Magpie , Meadow Pipit , Mute Swan , Pochard ,Reed Bunting
Siskin , Snipe , Starling , Stonechat , Tufted Duck , Wigeon , Wren , Blackbird , Blue Tit
Canada Goose , Cetti’s Warbler , Chiffchaff , Collared Dove , Cormorant , Feral Pigeon
Goldcrest , Great Crested Grebe , Great Tit , Herring Gull , Jackdaw , Lapwing ,
Long tailed Tit, Mallard , Mistle Thrush , Pied Wagtail , Redwing , Robin , Skylark
Song Thrush , Stock Dove , Teal , Water Rail , Woodpigeon

and 2 Frogs , 1 Common Darter


Talygarn Lake

Late webs count today. Good to see numbers building.

Blackbird, Canada Goose 2, Chaffinch , Coot 10, Jay , Magpie , Moorhen 10, Nuthatch
Teal 6, – first ones since the early spring,   Woodpigeon , Blue Tit , Carrion Crow , Coal Tit , Great Tit, Little Grebe 8, Mallard 28, Mute Swan 6,- one cygnet missing, evidence of predation found, Robin , Wigeon 2- eclipse plumage, Wren .

Kenfig NNR

We had a lively and productive monthly Kenfig walk today, with 25 participants. A warm welcome to some new people,  good to see the (expert!) young folk,  special thanks to those who travelled a long way.

56  species were identified, the highlights being at Sker due to the high tide, where we had close views of Sanderling , Ringed Plover and Turnstone, with Bar-tailed Godwit, Oystercatcher, Golden Plover on the rocks, and a Shag in the water.

Bar-tailed Godwit 4, Blackbird , Bullfinch , Canada Goose , Cetti’s Warbler 1, Coot,
Dunlin 5+, Feral Pigeon , Goldfinch , Grey Heron 2, Herring Gull , House Sparrow ,
Jay , Lesser Black-backed Gull , Magpie, Meadow Pipit ,Oystercatcher 20+, Raven ,
Ringed Plover , Rock Pipit , Sand Martin , Shag , Song Thrush , Starling , Swallow Turnstone , Wheatear , Yellow Wagtail 1, Wren, Black-headed Gull , Blue Tit , Buzzard,
Carrion Crow , Collared Dove , Cormorant , Dunnock , Golden Plover 10, Great Tit ,
Greylag Goose , House Martin , Jackdaw , Kestrel , Linnet , Mallard , Mute Swan
Pied Wagtail , Reed Bunting , Robin , Rook , Sanderling , Skylark , Sparrowhawk
Stonechat , Tufted Duck , Water Rail , Woodpigeon

Peterstone Moors

On Thursday 13th Sept

Blackbird , Carrion Crow , Cormorant , Green Sandpiper 1, Grey Wagtail , Jackdaw
Kestrel ,Magpie , Woodpigeon , Buzzard 3, Chiffchaff 4, Goldfinch 10+, Grey Heron , Jay
Lesser Black-backed Gull , Robin , Starling , Whinchat 2, Wren .                                                A mixed flock of  Swallow, House Martin and Sand Martin, at least 40. Plus two unidentified waders, possibly Snipe.

Kenfig NNR

22 folk, including some new faces (welcome!), came on our monthly Public Birdwalk this morning, in the cloud and drizzle.

37 species were heard/seen, the highlights being Great Spotted Woodpecker, a flyby of 3 Grey Heron, 21 Greylag Geese with a Pinkfoot of unknown origin, a Blackcap, a Sparrowhawk was heard, and a few swallows were feeding over the pool.

Full list-

Black-headed Gull, Blackcap, Bullfinch, (h) Carrion Crow ,Chiffchaff (h),Coot Goldfinch, Great Tit , Grey Heron 3 ,Herring Gull, Jackdaw  ,Linnet , Mallard Mute Swan 2 ,Pink-footed Goose 1, Rook (h), Sparrowhawk(h) Swallow,Wren , Blackbird, Blue Tit , Canada Goose 10+, Chaffinch , Collared Dove , Cormorant Great Spotted Woodpecker ,Greenfinch ,Greylag Goose 21 ,House Sparrow, Lesser Black-backed Gull , Magpie , Moorhen , Pied Wagtail, , Robin , Song Thrush , Starling , Woodpigeon .

Many thanks to Strinda , our walk leader.


Kenfig NNR

Monthly public walk

Thanks again for a great walk Strinda.  Twenty-one folk came along, with a special welcome to some new people.

We found /heard 48 species, more than we expected on a very warm day in mid July, the highlights being – 3 Herons and a Little Egret in one tree, a Kingfisher, and 3 Hirundine species and Swift seen in two minutes.

Full list-   Black-headed Gull ,Blackcap ,Bullfinch ,Canada Goose 80+,Chiffchaff , Cetti’sWarbler ,Common Sandpiper ,Cormorant ,Goldfinch ,Greenfinch ,Greylag Goose
House Martin ,Jackdaw ,Kingfisher ,Linnet ,Long-tailed Tit ,Mallard ,Pheasant
Reed Warbler ,Song Thrush ,Starling ,Swift ,Willow Warbler ,Wren ,Blackbird
Blue Tit ,Buzzard ,Carrion Crow ,Chaffinch ,Collared Dove ,Coot with well-grown chicks,
Dunnock ,Great Crested Grebe with well grown chick,Grey Heron 4,Herring Gull ,House Sparrow ,Kestrel ,Lesser Black-backed Gull ,Little Egret 2,Magpie ,Mute Swan PiedWagtail Sand Martin ,Sparrowhawk ,Swallow ,Whitethroat ,Woodpigeon  (Pink-Footed Goose)

Also recorded were-

Dragonflies- Black-tailed skimmer, Emperor, Common Darter.                                                  Butterflies-  Common Blue, Small Copper, Ringlet, Comma, Red Admiral, Small White, Green Veined White                                                                                                                               …….and a Shrew

Talygarn Lake

WeBS a few days late. A lovely walk in the woods and round the lake on a warm day.

Couldn’t find Moorhen or Little Grebe today.

Blackbird, Carrion Crow, Chiffchaff, Dunnock , House Sparrow, Magpie, Mute Swan ,
Song Thrush, Woodpigeon , Blue Tit, Chaffinch , Coot, House Martin ,Kingfisher,
Mallard 57, Robin , Swallow ,Wren ,


There were 17 participants on the Monthly Public Birdwalk last Saturday -16/06/18-, 46 species were found, the highlights being a Pink-footed goose, and a Sparrow hawk which posed by the edge of the pool.

Full list-

Blackbird, Blue Tit, Buzzard, Carrion Crow, Chiffchaff, Coot, Dunnock,  Great Tit,
Great Black-Backed Gull, Grey Heron, Herring Gull , Jackdaw , Lesser Black-backed Gull,
Magpie, Mute Swan,  Pink-footed Goose , Reed Warbler,  Sand Martin,  Song Thrush ,
Starling,  Swallow,  Whitethroat , Woodpigeon,  Blackcap , Bullfinch , Canada Goose ,
Chaffinch , Collared Dove, Cormorant , Goldfinch,  Great Crested Grebe,  Greenfinch ,
Greylag Goose , House Sparrow , Lapwing , Linnet , Mallard,  Pied Wagtail, Raven, Robin,
Skylark , Sparrowhawk , Stonechat , Swift,  Willow Warbler , Wren,

Thanks to all for coming, and to Ceri for finding us some great birds and interesting paths!

Talygarn Lake

WeBS at Talygarn Lake-  Mute Swans nesting, 17 Drake Mallard, only two Female, with ducklings, assume the rest are sitting.. 2 Coot, one on a nest. 2 Canada Geese, no Little Grebe-  up to 9 during the winter, and no Moorhen- have been up to 8.

The woodlands there were looking spectacular in the spring sunshine.- Magpie, Dunnock, Jackdaw, Chiff Chaff, Willow Warbler, Buzzard, Swallow, Woodpigeon, Herring Gull, GS Woodpecker, Wren, Robin, Great tit, Carrion Crow, Chaffinch.

Kenfig NNR

There were twenty participants on a very enjoyable birdwalk on Saturday morning, good to see some new folk, lovely weather, lots of birds showing well, beautiful spring flowers,  a cinnabar moth too. The highlights were a little owl, 18 flying whimbrel, 20 fling swans, 4 dunlin in breeding plumage , a purple sandpiper and 2 ringed plover. Thanks to Strinda for leading the group.

Blackbird , Blue Tit , Canada Goose , Chaffinch ,Collared Dove , Dunlin , Feral Pigeon Great Tit , Grey Heron , House Sparrow , Kestrel ,Linnet, Magpie, Mute Swan ,Pied Wagtail , Reed Bunting , Robin , Skylark, Sparrowhawk, Stonechat, Turnstone ,
Whitethroat ,Woodpigeon, Blackcap , Buzzard , Carrion Crow , Chiffchaff, Cormorant ,
Dunnock, Goldfinch, Greenfinch , Herring Gull 12,  Jackdaw ,Lesser Black-backed Gull ,
Little Owl , Meadow Pipit,  Oystercatcher ,  Purple Sandpiper,  Ringed Plover, Sedge Warbler , Song Thrush , Starling , Swallow , Whimbrel ,Willow Warbler ,Wren

A total of 46 Species

Brynna Woods NR

Yesterday- House Sparrow, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Blackbird, Wren, Woodpigeon, Song Thrush, Chiff-Chaff, Magpie, Dunnock, Carrion Crow, Buzzard, Robin, House Martin, Chaffinch.

Plus, King Alfred’s Cakes and Turkey Tail fungus

Lots of wildflowers, beautiful.