Great to see 10+ Swift over the Pool early yesterday morning with numerous Swallows and Sand Martin. 8 Greylag Geese in the bay on the East shore, seemingly in pairs. Good views of singing Blackcap, Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, Linnet and Greenfinch. Sedge Warble far more elusive, hidden in depth of Blackthorn.


Caught up with the White Fronted Geese at Kenfig this morning, thanks to Becky Carrington. Good to see at least 6 male Greenfinch, 2 were singing as was a male Bullfinch. Goldeneye, Gadwall, Pochard, Tufted Duck and Shoveler on the Pool. Skylark singing above East shore fields.

Goosander at Kenfig

Treated to 8 Goosander feeding in sync close to beach on East shore of Kenfig Pool this morning. Excellent views for several minutes only,  in perfect weather conditions until they were inevitably disturbed by everyone else making the best of the sunshine

Kenfig Pool

This morning two Water Rails feeding in the mud and reed fringes in front of South hide, occassionally squabbling.  Slavonian Grebe showed really well just beyond Cormorant post in front of the hide, frequently diving and surfacing once with a small fish. Later there were 2 Slav. Grebes, almost displaying (?) with some head bobbing and mirroring of movements.  Vocal Cetti’s zipped across the right hand cut.

Kenfig Pool

A Slavonian Grebe showed reasonably well on West side of Pool at 4pm, including surface paddling off towards centre of pool when a Great Crested arrived. Water Rail raced across one of the cuts and a Cetti’s Warbler obliged in darting  flight.

Pyle and Kenfig Pool

Redwing  have arrived in Pyle at last with 8 flying over early this morning, calling. At Kenfig Pool yesterday had good view of Water Rail on the run across dry stubble in front of South Hide and later in the day a Cetti’s Warbler flew through reed beds.

Laleston and Nash Point

Early Thursday evening at least 10 Redwing in fields on Ffordd-y-Gyfraith,  Laleston, just off junction with A473.  Nash Point, Saturday afternoon, had excellent view of  Short-Eared Owl in off the sea, flying  low over fields until mobbed by large group of assorted corvids. Ascended very high until all but one of them  pursued it relentlessly for several minutes (overhead @ 90 degrees!)  and eventually chased it off, very high  over sea in SW direction.

Yellow-browed Warbler, Pyle

Yellow-browed Warbler  in Pyle, Sunday, still there yesterday. Picked up by call, showing well  in trees along mineral rail line near Llanmihangel Fram/Dunraven stud. Park at St James church on A48, near Old Wine House, take narrow farm track downhill between woods/houses. Over stile at river bridge, turn right and go uphill ’til levels out. Past red gate on left, to first gap in hedge on right and start to listen and look at trees other side of  rail track. Carry on until end of lane, level crossing.

Kenfig Pool

Little Egret flying over/away from Kenifg Pool early yesterday evening, towards Sker rocks. Very relaxed Water Rail feeding in shallows of  2nd cut outside South Hide for lengthy periods, over half an hour, not even bothered by a Moorhen. Grey Heron flew over and  several Mallard were in the company of pair of Gadwall, 2 Great Crested Grebe and approx 100 Coot on calm water, in good light. Cetti’s Warbler heard on west and east side of pool.

Collwyn, Pyle

Goldfinch numbers increasing steadily past few days, if very vocal visitors to my garden feeders are anything to go by. Rooks from nearby Rookery regularly flying over house to farm fields and yesterday I heard 5 Skylark calling and a Chiffchaff was singing confidently in the sun. 3 Jay just flew along tree line of Collwyn woods. (Found an Acorn buried in front lane this week).