Neath canal

pair of swans with nine cygnets by the metal box factory one of the swans has a very small metal ring on its leg can’t make out any numbers ,also seen were young moorhen on the saltmarsh behind square pond were 32 wood pigeons

Crumlyn burrows

From the campus side 20 goldfinch 6 Greenfinch 4 stonechat single skylark 3 meadow pipits robin  wren,4 blue tits a male sparrow hawk flew over my head to attack the goldfinch I later seen a female .on the beach were est 1000  oyster catcher 50+ ringed plover 1 curlew 1 heron and the usual gulls at least 200 black h gulls

Fenrod lake

55 Canada geese 26 mute swan 60 black h gulls 6 tufted ducks 25 mallard 10 herring gull  10 lesser b b gulls 12 chaffinch two of the chaffinch juvs had fungus growths on both legs and one had lost half a leg anyone have any idea why

Fenrod lake

90+ Canada geese 33 mute swan 30 +mallard 40+ herring gull 20+lesser b b gull 15 black h gull 2 juv pied wagtail .

swansea vale 2 adult mute swan with 2 cygnets 4 adults and 9 juvs coot lots of sand martins and swallows.

Crumlyn burrows

From the jersey marine side to the river two separate family parties of stonechats one with two young and the other with three a pair of linnets with nestling material meadow plplts skylarks a pair of Canada geese and a shelduck on the river a perigrine put up waders from the beach 90+ oyster catchers and a flock of sanderling and ringed plover est 100

in the woods behind jersey marine song thrush family party and a tee creeper

on a private site in llandarcy lapwing with one young two pairs present three young were there 16 April also a pair of ringed plover were there and a single little ringed plover but not seen since


Crumlyn burrows

very quiet swallows over reed bunting willow warblers, chiff chaffs, meadow pipits

port tenant pond  still 3 pairs of teal present pair of mute swan ,pair of Canada geese, morhen, mallard with young ,swallows and sand martins over the pond

Fenrod  lake a common sandpiper on the mud 22 mute swan

Swansea vale 25 sand martins ,20 swallows, pair of mute swan,