Oxwich South pond

nice views of the overwintering ringtail harrier this afternoon.. Also present, buzzard, little grebes, mallard, couple of mute swans, pair of teal,singing Cetti’s, and several chiffchaff,.. We also thought we’d heard and seen a willow warbler

Oxwich South Pond

Wildfowl numbers starting to build.. Shoveller, teal, mallard, gadwall, 1 female pintail, widgeon…… little grebes, grey heron, cormorant, moorhens, squealing water rail, cettis, snipe (possible jack),


No more sightings  of the bittern reported last week….

West Cross –

Biggest number of gulls I’ve ever seen here on the water tonite. Must be close to 1000 birds.. Mixed block of herring,lbb,gbb,med,bh… Too many to scan in the disappearing light.. There must be a rarity here somewhere 😎

Mumbles Hill

2 chough were a first at this location for me

Sparrowhawk, 2 bullfinch, 2 chiffchaffs, small mixed tit flock (unfortunately no crests or ybw’s), Nice numbers of chaffinch,

And good numbers of Med gulls in the car park as normal

Bracelet bay a.m.

no med gulls at all which was a surprise.. Only a few bh’s & a herring gull.. Highlight was a stooping peregrine onto the bh’s.. Missed by a feather thickness.. That’s a first for me.. Seen them take large waders but never a gull

Bracelet Bay

Second ringed med gull seen in a week.. these birds are back from the Continent early..

3C78 is a Belgium ringed bird from 2002.. First seen in Bracelet Bay early 2003 by Harold Grenfell.. It arrives back in July each year since and overwinters with the growing flock.. It leaves Wales in March & summers in various places between Belgium & France