If you wish to post here you should contact us by e-mail to  for an invitation. You will also need a WordPress account. IMPORTANT – DO NOT click on the ‘Register’ item in the right hand column as you will be forced to create your own blog. Instead, click this link – where you can just sign up for an account. Once done, e-mail us at the address above from the e-mail account you have used to set up  your account [which can be your normal everyday email account], and when we have sent you an invitation and you have accepted it, you should have access. MAKE SURE THE E-MAIL ADDRESS YOU SEND YOUR REQUEST FOR ACCESS FROM, IS THE SAME AS THE ONE YOU CREATED YOUR WORDPRESS ACCOUNT WITH.  All you do then is go to the blog, which is linked to from the main web site [or is at ], and click ‘Sign in’ in the right hand column. You’ll get a ‘dashboard’ page which looks rather daunting, but ignore all the stuff on there. Just hover on ‘My Site’ on the top left of the screen and select ‘View Site’  and you’ll go to the main page. Then click ‘New Post’ at top right which shd be next to your name, and a new blue-themed screen appears with a form to fill in for your sighting. Use the ‘Title’ field for the location. You can also insert a photo: click ‘Add Media’ top left above the title, and on the next page under the ‘Upload Files’ tab, choose “select files’ and a drop down will let you choose files from your computer. Once done click Publish. Alternatively in your post you can dry & drop a file from your computer. It ill appear in a window, possibly with a lot of other images that are already in other posts. Make sure your pic is the only one ticked and then click Insert in Post.

We would like users to use their own name, so at the ‘dashboard’ screen you get when you log on, click on your short name top right [or your full name in grey in the drop down menu that appears]. On the blue/white screen that appears, click on Public Profile. On the next screen fill in your proper name in the Public Display Name field and then at the bottom click Save Changes, and you’re done. Also to prevent you getting e-mails every time someone posts [which is the default], click on your name again top right, and go to Subscriptions Delivery. Click that and on the next screen tick the ‘Block emails’ box bottom left, then click ‘Save Changes’.

To get back to the blog click My Blog in the top menu, then click Glamorgan Birds on the next screen.

Some notes on inserting photos in a post

It should be noted that we are limited to 3 GB of uploaded images whether in posts or elsewhere. If you are posting an image from a digital SLR then it is likely to be a very large file. It would be good if posters could re-size their images before uploading, by reducing the pixel dimensions which on a digital SLR are huge. An ideal size is 640×480 or thereabouts as it’s not practical to display anything much larger than that. If you do upload a typical full digi SLR image of say around 3000 pixels longest dimension the system will default the size to fit the post of you do nothing else, but the file size will still be as it was originally and will take a while to upload to your post.

Once you have inserted an image you can click on it and you then get an icon which if you click the ‘pencil’, allows you to edit it, including a re-size option, and also how the text you want to type, wraps. When you click the image a ‘cross’  icon allows you to remove the image.

You can always play around with this and ‘Preview’ your post before publishing it. It is automatically saved as a draft.

updated 11 Mar 2016 by John Wilson

2 thoughts on “Instructions

  1. This is Dean Tabor right? The reason is Dean, you’ve never asked to be sent an invite as per the instructions on this page. If you have set up a WordPress account as per above then let me know, and what e-mail address you used, and I’ll send you an invite. If you haven’t then what yo need to do is all set out on this page. Only when you have been registered and are signed in, will you see a New Post option. When you’ve signed in once you don’t have to keep signing in again. Cheers, John Wilson, webmaster.

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